Welcome to Fairport Girl Scouts!

A Great Way to Begin a Girl Scout Experience

Something for every girl! No matter how old, the location, or what a girl’s interests are, Girl Scouts has something for every age! Girl Scouting offers an exciting mix of girl-focused activities - designed with input from real girls - that meet the interests, needs, abilities, and dreams of today's girls.

What do girls want to do? Save the Planet? Climb a Mountain? Hang with Friends? What happens in Girl Scouting is totally up to the girls! It's a safe and fun place to be yourself, push yourself, find yourself!

Fun today, success tomorrow! Girl Scouting isn't just fun, it's powerful! Girl Scouts not only have the chance to see the world, but change it too. All Girl Scout activities and events are girl-focused and designed for fun, while also helping girls learn to become leaders for today, tomorrow, for ever. Join the fun, feel the girl power!


Interested in joining? Please email our Registrar; Arika Reilly